Insead Business School – Case Study
Customer Profitability Analysis and Value Based Management at Barclays Bank

con análisis de Eduardo Petracca
INSEAD Business School – Case Study
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The United Kingdom is the heart of international banking and also of Barclays Bank. Starting business in 1690’s London, Barclays has undergone many changes over the centuries, to finally take its place on the international stage in the 1920s. In the late 1990s, Barclays boasted a total asset base of 443,361 million pounds sterling, with the business divided into seven separate business groups. It was at this stage that Barclays invited Matthew Barrett, formerly of the Bank of Montreal, to join them as the new CEO.

Barrett’s main preoccupation was to restore Barclays to the number one position as the UK’s leading banking institution, in the eyes and pockets of both shareholders and customers alike. Stiff competition came not only from the traditional banking sector, fuelled by huge merger and acquisition activities, but also from supermarkets, investment groups and financial services firms, all diversifying into areas such as mortgages and insurance, previously the bastion of banking institutions such as Barclays.

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